Top Nine Reasons To Visit Us

Top Nine Reasons To Visit Us

  1. We Will NEVER Recommend More Care Than Is Needed.
    Some chiropractors sign patients up for three visits a week for the rest of their life. Our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible; then send you on your way. Any changes in care will be based on your health as is measured by objective findings and NOT a cookie cutter treatment plan.  We do offer preventative wellness care plans, but that decision is up to you. This is similar to periodic dental checkups and cleanings. Spinal health is important! If you feel chiropractic improves your life, you may decide to continue feeling GREAT with periodic tune-ups.
  2. Getting You Better…Faster!
    Traditional chiropractic adjustments will relieve most musculoskeletal conditions in time. However, we use other treatments in conjunction with the adjustments to increase the healing process.
  3. Patients Are NOT Treated Like An Assembly Line.
    Networking clinics at 1st Choice believe every patient is different and therefore requires a personalized treatment plan.  To determine the most appropriate treatment, all patients undergo a thorough assessment involving a neurological, orthopedic, physical, postural, x-ray (if required), and chiropractic structural examination.  We have found that tailoring our treatments to the specific needs of each patient yields greater results. Many chiropractic centers offer a kind of “one size fits all” treatment. Sometimes that is actually enough to solve the problem. But if you had a choice, wouldn’t you prefer a little extra attention?
  4. Knowledge of Multiple Techniques, Plus Latest Equipment.
    We use a wide variety of treatment methods based on your condition and preferences. Our techniques, combined with our wide variety of treatment options, mean that we can treat conditions affecting your entire body.
  5. We provide the latest, up-to-date equipment for your treatment and rehabilitation.
  6. More Than Just Neck And Back Pain.
    Basic chiropractic adjustments for the neck and back are commonplace. Many chiropractic clinics just provide chiropractic adjustments.  We provide:
    -Gentle, non-invasive chiropractic adjustments
    -Spinal Decompression
    -Nutritional counseling
    -Functional Medicine… and much more.
    This enables us to treat a variety of conditions.
  7. “No Popping Or Cracking” Adjustments.
    Let’s be honest, some of you are nervous about the “cracking” of your back and neck. The latest advances in chiropractic have enabled us to work around that if this is an issue for you. It is very comfortable and highly effective.
  8. Affordable.
    Almost 99.9% of the time auto accident injuries are completely covered with no charge to the patient. No insurance, no problem! We also offer very reasonable cash care plans.
  9. Extended Hours and Convenient Locations.
    We realize that many people cannot just leave work during the day to receive treatment, so we have extended hours, if needed, as well as having Saturdays open and by appointments on Sundays.  We are also conveniently located all over Houston!  Visit the locations tab to find the clinic near you!

We let you decide!

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