1st Choice Accident & Injury knows personal injury.  With years of experience and board-certified doctors, quality care is non-negotiable at every facility.

– Dr. Andy Huynh, Clinic Director

Welcome to 1st Choice Accident & Injury


1st Choice Accident & Injury (1st Choice) is an organization with a network of doctors who provide multidisciplinary healthcare services to patients who received bodily injuries due to accidents. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, 1st Choice manages over fifteen facilities within the Houston, Dallas, and Denver Metropolitan area. 1st Choice’s mission is to provide top-notch ancillary services through scheduling and administrative support to allow our medical specialists at subsidiaries to focus on quality patient care.

1st Choice networking facilities place a specific emphasis on improving health, reducing risk of pain, and preventing illness before poor health attacks. 1st Choice locations concentrate on your well-being using the finest techniques in healthcare.

Our warm and friendly staff are always welcoming, and our networking facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, designed to aid in a speedy recovery. New patients are always accepted, and you can be guaranteed that once you’ve arrived, your journey back to optimal health will begin.